40 Winks

Read on for your chance to stay at the eccentric and unique 40 Winks Hotel, the lavish location for our stunning new photoshoot. It was a rather warm and balmy mid-October morning when we all met outside the inconspicuous and intriguing front door to The 40 Winks Hotel. From the outside it looks very much like a grand townhouse and doesn’t give away the secrets on the inside which would blow the mind of even the most artistic and creative minds. We were greeted by the eccentric, dandy owner and designer David... Read More


Meet Rosy – our Twinwood winner

Meet Rosy Apples the winner of our Twinwood competition                                        A highly talented lady who is a vintage-style burlesque dancer, actor, model and DJ.                                                 We talk to her about this years event, her loves and her tips. Twinwood is one of my favourite social events in the vintage calendar.... Read More



We are on the look out for a talented and exciting blogger to work with us* on fabulous future projects and campaigns. Do you or a friend fit the following? Are you passionate about all things vintage and have a love of the eccentric? Do you enjoy dressing up and looking glamorous? Are you good at writing and photography? If the answers were ‘yes’ to the above then you could be exactly who we are looking for. All we need you to do is email us at: PR@prettyeccentric.co.uk with a brief... Read More


Timeless Vintage – The story of a dress

“We present a dress to invest in that symbolises a time when women stepped up and strutted out.”   In the 1940s, whilst war was changing lives, women back at home had real opportunities to work and gain a sense of independence. This new era gave rise to a way of dressing that was both feminine and functional but above all classic and stylish.  Lauren Bacall really opitimised this new sense of style on and off screen, she was both sexy and smart and it was with this in mind that we designed our timeless ‘BACALL’... Read More


Get ready for Goodwood Revival

Off to Goodwood Revival? Let us get you race track ready with our masterclass in how to look the part that will ensure you set hearts racing, lap the field and take the flag!   Get into first gear and choose your dress: It’s all about the fit and something that gives all day comfort. Take inspiration from the sleek streamline designs and curves of the vintage automobiles and you’re almost on pole position. For added retro revs then lace detailing can bring that other level of interest. Then finally... Read More


Three ways to wear…

This month we’ve been lucky to work with vintage lingerie label What Katie Did on their latest magazine. Worn by the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Madonna, What Katie Did was founded in 1999 by Katie Thomas and today is the world’s leading brand of faux vintage lingerie, specialising in recreating silver screen glamour of the ’40s and ’50s.   We really love this shot of Wilhemina Affera in our butterfly print silk kimono and it inspired us to think about the ways in which you can wear them. They... Read More


Red carpet ready

This month sees the worlds acting and film talent descend on Cannes in the south of France. It has become the place to see and be seen and many a career has been launched by a stunning appearance on one of the sandy beaches or the red carpet. We caught up with L.A based make-up artist Melissa Walsh who is at the event this year and asked her a few quick questions…. Who have you been most star stuck by? I don’t really get star struck but probably the most I... Read More


Lights, camera, action…

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough for the sun to shine on our Spring Summer shoot, a rarity considering the current weather conditions. We talk to our lovely photographer Phillip Waterman about getting the right looks and what really makes a great photo, great. What got you into photography? A realisation that I couldn’t draw or paint! Also, many years ago now, I joined a local camera club with some quite inspirational members, it wasn’t a group of older people! I then discovered I could make this into a career!   What’s... Read More


We talk Wedding looks and vintage style with Make-up & hair stylist Natasha Hall

  This month we talk pouting lips and up-dos with the lovely Natasha from Pretty me Vintage. Natasha began her career in the media industry working on Photoshoots, commercials and pop videos. Through her love of Swing dancing, music and fashion she fell in love with the vintage look! She founded Pretty Me Vintage with an aim to recreate high quality authentic and glamorous hair and makeup from a bygone era. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What do you love most about your job? I love the creative side of my job.I was... Read More


We talk to The Vintage House that Could about event design

                      Katie is the lucky owner of The Vintage House That Could and lover of all things pretty & vintage. It is her passion for styling, finding a bargain and helping others that has led her to where she is today. Sourcing, selling and styling lots of goodies and most happiest walking around a muddy car boot or vintage fair! After realising that she probably shouldn’t buy anymore ‘stuff’ for her own home Katie thought the time was right to start using... Read More