The Prohibition New Years Eve Party

DATES: 31st December 2017

LOCATION: The Prohibition Party, A Secret Location, London



The Prohibition Party invites London’s most glamorous pleasure seekers to travel back in time and relive the underground world of the Roaring Twenties with all it’s abandonment and sheer jolly good fun.

Containing multiple themed rooms, endless debauchery, free-flowing bootlegged booze, gambling dens and spectacular entertainment, The Prohibition Party is a unique and clandestine revival of an enchanting past. Keep your dress length short and your accessories OTT with Swarovski crystals as you circulate the room in your toe tapping shoes.  The 1920’s was a decade of big change and it was a time for the young to finally have a voice and to do as they wished from wearing dresses that would make their mothers blush to creating fabulous new fashions and showing off their more flamboyant side. 

DRESS CODE: Naughty but Nice



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