Timeless Vintage – The story of a dress

“We present a dress to invest in that symbolises a time when women stepped up and strutted out.”


In the 1940s, whilst war was changing lives, women back at home had real opportunities to work and gain a sense of independence. This new era gave rise to a way of dressing that was both feminine and functional but above all classic and stylish. 

Lauren Bacall really opitimised this new sense of style on and off screen, she was both sexy and smart and it was with this in mind that we designed our timeless ‘BACALL’ dress from sketch pad to your wardrobe, taking inspiration from old photographs and patterns from the 1940s.

We wanted to create a retro dress that was flattering and empowering for all shapes and sizes and made you feel like a million dollars. 

Each season we only make 20-30 per colour of these  vintage inspired dresses, so best be quick before they sell out!
























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