Meet Rosy – our Twinwood winner

Meet Rosy Apples the winner of our Twinwood competition

                                       A highly talented lady who is a vintage-style burlesque dancer, actor, model and DJ.                                                 We talk to her about this years event, her loves and her tips.

Twinwood is one of my favourite social events in the vintage calendar. Being a performer, I don’t get to visit on every day each year as I’m normally working over the bank holiday weekend. So I hadn’t booked tickets for this year when I saw a competition through Instagram to win tickets (and dresses!) with Pretty Eccentric. Luckily, I didn’t have any private bookings over the bank holiday, so when I found out that I had won, I arranged cover for my entertainment residency and decided to spend the entire weekend at Twinwood!

As part of my prize, I got to choose a dress for myself and a friend. It was quite difficult making a decision as there were so many wonderful choices on the website. I finally decided on the navy Sable dress, which was, typically, the first dress I saw! My lovely Mum was the recipient of the other dress. She chose the dark green Kirsten dress and we were both so happy with how they fit.

We decided to wear our Pretty Eccentric dresses on the Sunday, which was also the day of the Mr & Miss Vintage UK finals. We sat and watched the competition whilst enjoying tea and cake, by Vintage Allsorts. I see this tearoom company at other vintage events and I am so grateful that they offer vegan cakes and soya milk for tea! Events like this are often difficult for vegans to find any food, never mind cake!





Left to right: With my friend Connie (Miss Vintage UK finalist), me & Ryan Goodyear (Mr Vintage UK winner), with my Mum and with my fiancé, Adam.

Even though the temperature in the Colonial Club was similar to that found in a tropical rainforest, we enjoyed watching the finalists of the competition and admired all of their wonderful outfits. I had a few friends in the Miss Vintage finals. Unfortunately, none of them won, but another one of my friends did win Mr Vintage.

I always describe the shopping at Twinwood as “dangerous”, as it is very easy to buy everything you see and have to remortgage your house. There are lots of vintage gems to be found in many of the stalls. Other stalls opting to sell their own lines of reproduction clothing. With a wedding on the horizon, I did budget myself this year and was surprised to come home with money left over having only bought one 1940’s black cocktail dress.

Left to right: Classic cars, displayed in front of a tiny percentage of the shopping village, Vegan Tea & Cake in the Colonial Club

As well as the shopping opportunities, another element of Twinwood I love is the music. Music highlights included The Bevin Boys – a swing trio providing a perfect soundtrack to dance the night away. I caught these guys in the spacious Colonial Club one evening. I tried to catch them again inside Le Cafe de Bois de Jumeau, but it was far too squishy, with the tiny room at full capacity.

Talking of full capacity, on Saturday and Sunday evening, The Nags Head was home to a good old fashioned singalong, which proved so popular that people were spilling out either side of the pub! Music provided by the incredibly talented Tom Carradine playing the ol Joanna and accompanied by Champagne Charlie to help the crowd along… Not that anybody needed coaxing! We also saw cameo appearances on the washboard and spoons by Adam Hoffman. Tom played everything including wartime classics, music hall favourites and even DISNEY SONGS! You can tell which were my favourite!

A favourite stage of mine is Le Monde Électrique – a clearing the the woods, which late at night, is home to electro swing. Still Moving DJs are a crazy, knitted beard wearing duo that even have toy dinosaurs revolving around the deck.

The weekend ended by my fiancé and I having one last dance on the dance floor in the main area to the sounds of King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys.

On top of all of this, I still think that the best thing about Twinwood is the people. I had a wonderful weekend with my fiancé, my parents, my friends who I see regularly, my friends who I see only at vintage events a few times a year, my friends that live in far away places that I don’t get to see as much as I would like and with lots of people that I can now call new friends.

 I can’t thank Pretty Eccentric enough for giving me an amazing weekend.

 Tips for newbies to Twinwood –

*Don’t bother wearing your vintage shoes! There’s lots of walking to be done and the woodland areas can be harsh on delicate souls!

*Pack wellies and umbrellas as well as parasols and sunscreen! You never know what the weather is going to be like and the majority of the festival is outside in the elements.

*Consult the festival’s timetable and roughly plan your day as you don’t want to get lost in a vintage clothing Narnia and miss out on a music act you wanted to see.

Rosy is a vintage-style burlesque dancer, actor, model and DJ, living in Kent with her fiancé, Adam, and their miniature Yorkshire Terrier, Hattie.
In her spare time she likes to watch films, with a DVD collection in excess of 6000. She has recently taken up Roller Derby joining Apex Predators Women’s RD and also loves to cook vegan food. Although most of her spare time is currently dedicated to planning a wedding!
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