Red carpet ready

This month sees the worlds acting and film talent descend on Cannes in the south of France. It has become the place to see and be seen and many a career has been launched by a stunning appearance on one of the sandy beaches or the red carpet.

We caught up with L.A based make-up artist Melissa Walsh who is at the event this year and asked her a few quick questions….

Who have you been most star stuck by?

I don’t really get star struck but probably the most I have ever been was by Julie Newmar (the original Cat Woman) when I worked with her for Italian Vogue.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

I live near the beach so I like to go for walks along there and maybe pop into Sephora to see what’s new! I’m a makeup junkie 🙂

Which screen siren would you most like to be and why?

Michelle Pfeiffer – she’s a classic beauty and so elegant. Her look in Scarface is my all time favourite.

Do you have a favourite era for reference?

The 70’s – love the disco vibes from the Studio 54 days and the Californian beach looks of Farrah Fawcett.

Be inspired by our red carpet looks….

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