Lights, camera, action…

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough for the sun to shine on our Spring Summer shoot, a rarity considering the current weather conditions. We talk to our lovely photographer Phillip Waterman about getting the right looks and what really makes a great photo, great.

What got you into photography? A realisation that I couldn’t draw or paint! Also, many years ago now, I joined a local camera club with some quite inspirational members, it wasn’t a group of older people! I then discovered I could make this into a career!


What’s the most amazing location you’ve been to?I think it has to be Cape Town. Such a beautiful place and it wasn’t what I was expecting. The landscape is wonderful.

If you weren’t jet setting around taking pictures, what would you do? Not sure really. I am interested in architecture and shooting buildings…. so I think an architect.

How do you spend your days off? Usually with my family exploring the countryside or on holiday. We visit San Diego quite a bit as my wife is from there, some amazing beaches!


What really makes a great photo, great?I think the composition and lighting are key to creating a beautiful picture. When the light is right on location, you can achieve some amazing results. We were very lucky to have some great light on the Pretty Eccentric shoot day. 


Photographer: Phillip Waterman
Model: Morven McSween
Hair & Make-up: Pretty me Vintage
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