The Pretty Eccentric Guide to Getting Hitched

Getting married? Now if that’s not an excuse to get the best frock EVER we don’t know what is! But the dress – fabulous as it may be – is only one part of your huge day.

If you are looking for something a little bit different – and chances are if you’re reading Pretty Eccentric then you are – look no further for inspiration on how to tie the knot in style. We’ve read the books, talked to the experts and scoured that thing they call the Internet…in other words, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’re nice like that…

Swinging style

Or, how to say ‘I do’ with flair…

Something old: Every era has a soundtrack. 1920s and 1930s jazz, 1940s swing and big band sounds, or 1950s rock and roll. Whether you book a live act or create a personal playlist, hitting the right notes will set the perfect scene for your day.

Something new: Your very own wedding cocktail? Don’t mind if we do…

Step 1. Work out what you like to drink. (Warning: This may require quite a bit of drinking, sorry we mean testing…)


“I’m sure I left that other cocktail somewhere…”

Step 2. Choose your mixer.

Step 3. Make it pretty. The better your drink looks the better you’ll look drinking it.

Step 4. Give it a name.

Anything that can be made up in a big jug and doesn’t need the attention of a strong-armed barman would make life easier… although having a strong-armed anyone behind the bar could be fun too!

Something borrowed: Who says an invite has to be on paper or card? Who made the rule that says a tablecloth is the best way to cover a table? Break all the style rules and borrow from Peter to decorate Paul. Rocking a 1950s theme? Try old vinyl records with custom-printed labels for your invites. Aiming for a 1920s flapper feel, drape tables with vintage lace.


Something blue: Dressing an event is like choosing an outfit. It looks best with a colour theme to pull it all together and the best way to plan any look is a mood board. Tech-savvy brides can create a Pinterest account for ideas and inspiration. There’s also something delicious about the old-fashioned way – fabric swatches, pictures, bits ‘n’ bobs that catch your eye, a box of pins and a big old board.


Style me Pretty

Look a zillion dollars on the day…

Something old: The 1920s Gatsby dress will add just the right touch of F. Scott Fitzgerald fabulousness.


Something new: Just in! Our stunning headpieces with pearl details and ostrich feathers will guarantee all eyes on whoever wears it, bride, groom’s mother, mother of the bride. Get in line ladies…!


Something borrowed: Pick an era, pick a celebrity bride – and borrow from their look for your bridal inspiration. Grace Kelly crowned 1956 with her full-skirted peau de soie and lace gown. The same year a very different blonde, Marilyn Monore, filled every inch of her form-fitting knee-length dress to marry playwright Arthur Miller.

Something blue: Mother of the bride and bridesmaids outfits sometimes need an added touch to keep out chills – or cover up upper arms. This fine knit shrug ticks all the boxes.



Memories to have and to hold

Creating wedding photos to treasure…

Something old: Wedding photographer Julia Toms ( suggests recreating the poses from your parent’s wedding day snaps. “You could frame your parent’s wedding pictures to display behind the cake or on a buffet table,” says Julia. “It’s a really personal way to bring a vintage feel to the day.”

Something new: Services like Instagram are great for home editing wedding photos. Or try, where you can download apps to add backgrounds, textures and image masks to prints. Put new technology to work for wedding shots with a really old-fashioned feel.

Something borrowed: Beg, borrow and steal – if absolutely necessary! – to fill a vintage dressing up box for guests. Think feather boas, hats, umbrellas – and of course, the obligatory collection of comedy moustaches!. If money’s no object you could book a vintage airstream photo booth from But if, (and we know how easy this is to do), your wedding shoe splurge has cut into your budget simply pick up a Polaroid camera, prices start from about £60, for some instant photo fun.

Something blue: “Make your ‘something blue’ pop in the photo with a touch of selective colouring,” says Julia. “Switch your image into black and white and just pick out the blue for a stylish print.” That’s one sure-fire way to draw attention to your garter girls!

Finishing touches

Make your day stand out from the wedding crowd…

Something old: Lucky enough to have outside space at your reception? How about treating guests to a game of croquet or hoopla? A corner of traditional pub games like table tops skittles could work just as well indoors. There’s always a bit of standing around with a drink while photos are taken and tables are cleared for an evening do. Now, we’ve nothing against standing around sipping champers – far from it! – but filling the gaps with fun will guarantee a day no one will forget.

Something new: Who says the bridal bouquet has to be made from flowers? This is your day and you can do it your way. A collection of vintage enamel brooches on stems, silk butterflies floating above thin wires, or twisted ribbon or fabric flowers would make a great alternative… and a lasting keepsake. For an evening or winter wedding what about holding a vintage lantern to light your way to the altar?


A fluttery bouquet of silk butterflies

Something borrowed: Know anyone with a big red bus or a vintage sports car? No…! Then might we suggest you get yourself some new friends…just a thought. After all, every girl needs to get from A to B in style – especially in a frock and heels!


Tickets please…!


Race you to the bar…!

Something – not! – blue: Friends don’t dress friends in puff sleeves and cheap nylon. For happy bridesmaids help them line the aisle in style with the Sketch rose dress. And let’s make sure mint green meringues stay where they belong – on a display stand in a cake shop window!


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