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The Great Getaway

Summer is finally here (hurray) and we are all looking to getaway or enjoy the weather at home. Travel has always been a big influence on the fashions of the day especially during the birth of air travel in the 50’s and 60’s and a time when people started looking at what our continental cousins were doing the other side of the channel. We have handpicked a couple of our favourite destinations and suggested some outfit choices to pack… First stop: THE SOUTH OF FRANCE              ... Read More


Red carpet ready

This month sees the worlds acting and film talent descend on Cannes in the south of France. It has become the place to see and be seen and many a career has been launched by a stunning appearance on one of the sandy beaches or the red carpet. We caught up with L.A based make-up artist Melissa Walsh who is at the event this year and asked her a few quick questions…. Who have you been most star stuck by? I don’t really get star struck but probably the most I... Read More


Lights, camera, action…

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough for the sun to shine on our Spring Summer shoot, a rarity considering the current weather conditions. We talk to our lovely photographer Phillip Waterman about getting the right looks and what really makes a great photo, great. What got you into photography? A realisation that I couldn’t draw or paint! Also, many years ago now, I joined a local camera club with some quite inspirational members, it wasn’t a group of older people! I then discovered I could make this into a career!   What’s... Read More


We talk Wedding looks and vintage style with Make-up & hair stylist Natasha Hall

  This month we talk pouting lips and up-dos with the lovely Natasha from Pretty me Vintage. Natasha began her career in the media industry working on Photoshoots, commercials and pop videos. Through her love of Swing dancing, music and fashion she fell in love with the vintage look! She founded Pretty Me Vintage with an aim to recreate high quality authentic and glamorous hair and makeup from a bygone era. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What do you love most about your job? I love the creative side of my job.I was... Read More


We talk to The Vintage House that Could about event design

                      Katie is the lucky owner of The Vintage House That Could and lover of all things pretty & vintage. It is her passion for styling, finding a bargain and helping others that has led her to where she is today. Sourcing, selling and styling lots of goodies and most happiest walking around a muddy car boot or vintage fair! After realising that she probably shouldn’t buy anymore ‘stuff’ for her own home Katie thought the time was right to start using... Read More

The Tea Trail

Decadence permeates the elegant tea rooms at Ladurée Royale ( Ideally located near the luxe shopping district of the Champs-Élysées and the pleasant Tuileries Garden, the 19th-century salon is renowned for its pastel-hued macarons. A fire in what was originally just a bakery sparked a redesign: it became one of the first tea rooms in Paris to fuse a café and a cake shop, serving aromatic blends and professionally baked delicacies under one roof. Today, the refined atmosphere remains, and the extensive menu boasts over 20 teas, traditional artisan patisseries,... Read More


The Pretty Eccentric Guide to Getting Hitched

Getting married? Now if that’s not an excuse to get the best frock EVER we don’t know what is! But the dress – fabulous as it may be – is only one part of your huge day. If you are looking for something a little bit different – and chances are if you’re reading Pretty Eccentric then you are – look no further for inspiration on how to tie the knot in style. We’ve read the books, talked to the experts and scoured that thing they call the Internet…in other... Read More


Actress Kimberly Marren pays Pretty Eccentric a visit

When actress and model Kimberly Marren got in touch about her magazine shoot, we were delighted to help style her. She rocked up with photographer Joseph Hunwick at our Bond Street, Brighton store and we had great fun dress her up. Sam picked out an exquisitely beaded silver grey Brooks dress and a 1940s style Elisa dress in aqua fan print. Then down to the beach with a red pagoda parasol. If you haven’t discovered 24-year-old Kimberley yet, her modelling career took off when she was first “scouted” in the 2006 Miss... Read More


Designs on Style

Here at Pretty Eccentric we just love a stroll down fashion’s memory lane. So imagine our delight when we were invited to peek into the wonderful world of vintage fashion illustrations. In the days before selfies and instagram the fashion world was a very different place. As catwalk models sashayed in couture from the world’s fashion houses, artists studied every fabric fold and drape. Then back out on the pavement post-show they furiously sketched what they could remember. Angela Landels ‘Jubilee II’ “We weren’t allowed to actually draw during the... Read More

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Street Spy

We know that the people who wear old fashioned glamour best are… well, you! With a keen eye and vivid imagination our lovely Pretty Eccentric customers pick the best pieces for their wardrobe and then mix them up to create a look that is all their own. You inspire us – and other customers – to do the same! To launch our new series of Street Spy features, which will focus a – softly flattering – spotlight on stylish women talking about their look, we thought we’d volunteer the Pretty Eccentric girls... Read More